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Around the world in 2000,
via Asia and Madagascar.


This fifth around-the-world ramble focussed on South East Asia and India. South-East Asia is one of the most heterogeneous areas of the world where dozens of quite different ethnic groups have sought refuge and established kingdoms through the ages. It was interesting to see how China, Thailand and Myanmar deal differently with their ethnic minorities. I was positively impressed by the growing openness and amazing rate of growth of China and negatively by the oppressive military regime of Myanmar.

I had been in India before but had explored only its business world. This backpacking trip showed other facets so that now my impressions of India are overwhelmed by the hard reality of what life is like for the vast majority of its population.

Madagascar and the South Indian Ocean islands were added at the end because I had not been there before. You you may follow the route shown on the map from page to page or go directly to the highlighted places that interest you most.


The map traces my journey. My route was not direct for I shopped for the lowest air fares. This year's adventure took me from Montreal to Newark, to Anchorage, to Seoul, then to China, 200 photos, (1, Guizhou), (2, Kunming), (3, Jinghong), (4, Ganlanba), (5, Menghun a), (6, Menghun b), (7, Lijiang), (8, Baisha), (9, Dali), (10, Shaping),  to Thailand, 45 photos, (1),   (2),   to (Myanmar, 190 photos, (1 Yangon-Taunggyi), (2, Inle Lake), (3, Heho - Mandalay), (4, Pyin U Lwin), (5, Bagan - Popa), (5a, Bagan Temples), (6, Bago), (7, Shwedagon),  to Dacca, to (India 238 photos (1, Varanasi), (2, Khajuraho), (2b, Khajuraho Temples), (3, Gwalior), (4, Hyderabad), (5, Mysore), (6, Madurai), (6a, Minakshi Temple), (7, Kerala), (7a, Kathakali), (8, Goa - Bombay), to Dubai, then to the Seychelles, to Mayotte, to Réunion, to Madagascar, 69 photos, (1, Tana), (2, South), (3, Train), (4, Center) and Mauritius, , before going home via Bagdad, London, Reykjavik and Boston where I got a night bus for Montreal. It was quite a ride, altogether about 60 100 kilometers including 8 600 by train, 6100 by bus and 100 by boat. Here is some information on costs and hotels.



I continue developing this site for the pleasure of sharing the joys of discovery with you. Meeting wonderful people of all skin colours, ethnic origins and beliefs has inspired me to set up the Humanist Foundation of Quebec to promote critical thinking and intercultural tolerance.

You may download and use the globetrotter's photos provided you mention "Photo by Bernard Cloutier" with a link to this site below each photo. High resolution versions can be acquired from our agent



If you feel like it, you may exchange comments and impressions with other readers in the questbook or express them to me privately by the e-mail link. Putting a link on your web site, if you have one, would invite your viewers to enjoy free virtual travel as I hope you did.




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