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Cairo to Capetown
in 1995


In 1995, I spent five winter months in Africa to avoid Montreal's frozen climate. I flew to Cairo, backpacked by bus, train and truck down to Capetown and flew back home via Cairo, Israel, Cyprus and Morocco.

I had been to Egypt and Morocco before but this time I saw more of them. Israel, Jordan and Sudan showed me once again how religions breed intolerance, fear and hatred. I had still more to learn from my trip through black Africa. I had visited some countries of Western Sub Sahara on business but had not had time to really understand their social structures. It was not easy to investigate the trends and forces shaping these societies because the social and political awareness of the general population is not very developed in this part of the continent. I was however fortunate enough to meet a few articulate Africans who told me about the situation in their respective countries (some, only after I had promised confidentiality). My impressions gradually gelled into my own perception of the negative role of tribal politics in Africa which I gladly share with you.


You can begin by Egypt and follow my track in the order shown on the map or go directly to any country that interests you more particularly by clicking on it.

Egypt, Jordan, Egypt continued, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa (1 - Capetown, South Africa (2 - Cape-Durban), South Africa (3 - Durban), Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa (4 - Kruger Park), South Africa (5 - East Transvaal), South Africa (6- Pretoria), Israel, Cyprus, Morocco (1) and Morocco (2).

Many readers have e-mailed me asking for advice on transport and accommodations. Transport is so volatile that I cannot help much. Lodgings also change but I can offer a list of the hotels I used and their prices with all due reservations as to its ongoing validity.



I continue developing this site for the pleasure of sharing the joys of discovery with you. Meeting wonderful people of all skin colours, ethnic origins and beliefs has inspired me to set up the Humanist Foundation of Quebec to promote critical thinking and intercultural tolerance.

You may download and use the globetrotter's photos provided you mention "Photo by Bernard Cloutier" with a link to this site below each photo. High resolution versions can be acquired from our agent



If you feel like it, you may exchange comments and impressions with other readers in the questbook or express them to me privately by the e-mail link. Putting a link on your web site, if you have one, would invite your viewers to enjoy free virtual travel as I hope you did.




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