Biological Will




If at the critical moment, neither assisted suicide nor efficient palliative care are available, then you will become, like so many others, a "case" of a disease that the medical machine will combat to the end (yours), no matter what suffering that will cause you unless you have taken the precaution of having signed before witnesses a biological will and distributed it widely enough that the medical machine cannot ignore it.

Here is, as an example, the very simple biological will I drafted for myself in 2005.


Biological Will of Bernard Cloutier

Being sound of body and mind and free of any coercion, I hereby express now and in advance my refusal of any medical treatment or procedure intended to produce any result other than to alleviate my suffering or distress should I become incapable of making autonomous decisions or of expressing them during the terminal phase of my life.

More specifically, if I am in terminal phase, or permanently unconscious or affected by dementia, I refuse all medical treatments and procedures aimed at prolonging my life such as cardio-pulmonary rescucitation, mechanica respiration, artificial hydration or feeding, dialysis or other techniques of this nature.

I request that absolute priority be given to ensure my comfort and serenity as death approaches even if that should severely shorten the duration of my life.

Perfectly aware of the fatal consequences of this directive, I sign it berfore two witnesses on this ...................  day of .................. 2005.



Signature of Bernard Cloutier



Signature of witness A


Signature of witness B


Name of witness A


Name of witness B




Address of witness A




Address of witness B




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