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Capital: Vaduz
Area: 157 kmē
Population: 31 000
Currency: 1 US$ = 1.4 S. Fr.
GDP: 37 180 US$

Do you think you could occupy a seat in the United Nations representing 31 000 people and keep a straight face when hob-nobbing with the Chinese delegate who represents 1 200 000 000? Why not, after all, San Marino only has 22 000 people and it has a seat!

You can laugh as much as you please about this "cinema musical" principality but its gross domestic product per capita is the world's highest followed by Luxembourg (34 155$, also banking) and Brunei (30 447$ petroleum).

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Malbun village church


Coming here was really a matter of adding one more country to my collection. There isn't much to visit and what there is can be seen in one busy day.

A good place to start is charming Malbun village with its stone church high up in the mountain above Vaduz.





Rhine valley

Triesenberg, halfway down the mountain from Malbun to Vaduz in the bottom of the valley.




Triesen and Balzers

Rhine valley

Looking south from Triesenberg to Triesen and Balzers on the valley floor.




Vaduz Castle


From his Castle overlooking Vaduz, Prince Hans-Adam II can see most if not all of the country he governs!

Below on the left, Vaduz's catholic church. On the right, the Balzers Castle a short ways up the Rhine towards Sargans in Switzerland where I took the night train to Luxembourg.


Vaduz's catholic church Balzers Castle




Switzerland  (Sargans) alt

Capital: Berne
Area: 41 290 kmē
Population: 7 171 000
Curr: 1 US$ = 1.4 SF
GDP: 28 100 US$

The lovely small village of Sargans is where I took the train for Luxembourg after visiting Liechtenstein.

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A street corner in Sargans.




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