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Hotels in South America 1997




I hope you will find this list useful if you plan to visit some of these places even though things change very quickly. The three star and one star evaluations were applied only to places that were significantly better or worse than the average for a given price range.

On this South American trip, I spent 33 nights in 14 different hotels at an average cost of 17.00 $US (not counting the nights spent in transit nor those passed in the homes of friends).







Cartagena Hosp. Aleman room with bathroom ** 12.00
Cartagena Hostal Valle room, shared bathroom ** 5.00
Bogota Hotel Regina room with bathroom ** 56.00
Bogota Hotel Santa Fé room with bathroom ** 25.00
Port of Spain Airport View Hotel room with bathroom ** 22.00
Port of Spain Lyn's Guesthouse room, shared bathroom ** 7.00
Georgetown Tropical Guest House room, shared bathroom * 7.10
Georgetown Rima Guest House room, shared bathroom ** 14.20
Paramaribo YWCA room, shared bathroom ** 15.00
Cayenne Neptima room with bathroom * 46.00
Cayenne Chez Mathilde room, shared bathroom * 30.00
St-George Lakeview room, shared bathroom ** 15.00
Panama Hotel Turistico room, shared bathroom ** 12.00


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