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Notes on Greece


As soon as I find time I'll write something on Greece.....


I have started listing events below...





3000-1400 BC Minoan civilisation centered on Crete develop linear A writing
2000 Indo European Achaeans settle Mycenae, Athens, Pylos and adopt Minoan culture, linear B syllabic writing
1450 Destruction of Minoan palace at Knossos by tidal wave from Thera, followed by Mycenaean conquest
1240 Troy VIIa destroyed by Mycenaeans to eliminate commercial competitior controling the Dardanelles
1200 Invasion by Indo-European Dorians with iron weapons replacing bronze, Pylos destroyed
1150-800 Greek dark ages, civil wars, Mycenaean culture replaced by cruder Dorian, colonisation of Ionian coasts
800 Development of the city-state "Polis", evolution from monarchy to oligarchy
776 Olympic games begin
750 Poet Hesiod preaches excellence, industriousness, moderation and justice in Athens
735 Militarist Spartan conquers Messenia
700 Colonies formed in Syracuse and Tarentum
650 Unsuccessful revolt of Messenia against Sparta
621 Evolution from oligarchy to tyrany, Draco institutes harsh laws at Athens
594 Solon (638-559) becomes archon at Athens. Serfdom abolished, government by property owners
550 Pistratus (605-527) tyrant of Athens, promotes building and expansion
508 Cleisthenes introduces Athenian democracy, all freemen can vote.
507 Athens repels attack by Sparta
500s Athens grows rapidly, acropolis rebuilt as religious shrine
499-49 Persian wars: Athenians repel repeated invasion by Persians
480 Athens sacked by the Persians
479 Rebuilding of Athens begins, fortification, walls enclose piraeus
478 Delian League formed to oppose Persia, from 467 controlled by Athens
464-461 Unsuccessful revolt by Messenia
460-429 Age of Pericles (495-20).
447-438 Parthenon is built.
431-421 Peloponneisan War between the Athenian and Spartan Leagues
415-404 War resumed, Athens defeated by Syracuse and Sparta
403 Spartan rule in Athens by Thirty Tyrants is overthrown
399 Socrates (470-399) forced to poison himself
395-387 Corinthian War between Sparta and Athens (allied with Persia); Spartan control of Athens ends
387 Plato founds Academy
371 Thebes defeats Sparta, dominates Greece briefly
355-338 Sacred Wars (third and fourth) among various states. Two wars (355-46 and 339-38) end in Macedonian control over Greece
335 Aristotle opens Lyceum
334-324 Alexander the Great (356-23) rapidly conquers vast empire from Greece to the Indus Valley
323-281 Wars of the Diadochi, rival generals for control of the empire. After Corupedion (281) divided into Macedonia, Seleucid Asia Minor, and Ptolemaic Egypt
214-148 Macedonian Wars: Greece becomes province of the Roman Empire

The following websites can provide more detailed information on these events.



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